Spook Light Hill

Second only to the legend of Stiffy Green in the Wabash Valley is the legend of Spook Light Hill. On a cool October night, many years ago, Old Man Lowry sat up waiting for his only daughter to come home. He was known to be very protective of his beloved Rebecca. His wife had passed away when giving birth to Rebecca and was all the family he had in the world. The night was still early and Mr. Lowry knew his daughter was enjoying an evening at the church social, but the weather was turning bad off in the distance and he was hoping his girl was paying attention to the weather as much as she might be paying attention to the young men at the social. As the flash of lightning grew closer he watched the hill expecting to see his daughter driving the horse and buggy home. At long last he saw her rig come over the hill and ran out to help her put away the horse. To his horror, he saw by the flash of lightning that the buggy was empty. He jumped onto the buggy and tore off back towards the church in search of his daughter. Half way there, he saw her lying on the roadside. As he jumped off the buggy and came to her side, he found that her head had been completely severed. Rebecca Lowry was buried in the family cemetery near to where her body was found. It was assumed that in the storm, she had been thrown from the buggy and that the wheels had somehow decapitated her. The most puzzling part of the story is, her head was never found.

Now, years later, hundreds of people have claimed to see mysterious lights roaming the hillside. Most believe that, even after his death, Rebecca's father is still searching for his daughter's head. Others say it is just gas or something natural. What ever it is, few dispute that fact of the mysterious lights that seem to haunt Spook Light Hill.

To find this site, go North on State Road 59. Turn left on the County Line Road right before the Park County Sign. The road splits and you want to stay left. Soon the road turns to gravel. Continue about 4 miles. Some stop at the top of the hill and flash their lights 3 times to tell the ghost they are there, some say the best view is at the bottom of the hill facing State Road 59.