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Listed below are some of my own creations. All of the sounds are yours to keep. Use it in your haunt, use it in your yard, or just fill your ear holes and creep out for a while.

FunHouse Reflections
It has been years since that night at the Circus. The sounds of that night still haunt me. Every night I walk out to that empty field, every night I hear the echoes in my mind...
Imagine a room filled with bags of hanging flesh. You can hear them swinging on the ropes, the flies feasting on the bloated bodies, and hidden behind the bags...something seems to be watching you.
In the dark hallway, you hear them...you feel them, flying about, crawling around, you know they surround you. You dare not reach out to find your way of the darkness...who knows what you might touch.
Dead Kidz
He dressed as a clown. So happy. So deadly. Stalking, hunting, killing. Now the spirits of those innocent children reach out...pleading for help...asking for answers.
The Swampy Graveyard
The night grows darker as you enter the graveyard. The spirits of those long thought dead are restless. Watch your step. Quicksand could make your stay last much longer than you planned. You should not have come here. Not tonight.
High Voltage
Something has gone wrong in the generator room and you alone must find your way through the complex to fix the problem. Be careful, one wrong touch and it will be "lights out".
You feel it...yes...someone is there. Can you hear us? Can you make contact? Wait...this is not the spirit I was seeking! Who are you? What evil have I found?
The insects eat you alive as you try to escape the swamp. You must find your way out. It knows you have entered the swamp...and it is getting closer.
These are part of the Creepy Little Dead Girl series...Part of the same series found on Rotting Flesh Radio's Dark Pandemonium CD.
Special Thanks to my friend Suzanne Soo for her fantastic vocal talent!
Down Will Come Baby
All The King's Horses
Burned His Toe
Baby Should Be Asleep
Bed Bugs
I'll Have Mine

Many of these are the result of me trying to take normal sound effects and twisting them into something else. Consider these my little treats to all of you.

Treat 01: The Asylum A prison, a mad house, a hostel, an Asylum. Enjoy the screams of the tormented as they face their final days in torturous nightmares.
Treat 02: Ghosts I am sorry but you simply CANNOT have a Halloween collection without some ghosts. You have to cover the basics. Most of the time you hear high pitched people yelling "Wooo" so I tried to make mine just a hair darker.
Treat 03: New version: Funeral NEW VERSION!!! My original was BAD. Not sure what happened.
I noticed that with all of the Halloween related sound effects out there, not many do scenes of a funeral. Seemed like a natural to me.
Treat 04: Monster Baby Watching the behind the scenes for the movie GHOST, I heard that the really cool sounds used for the creatures from the darkness were actually sounds of a baby crying. I had to try it myself. I would love to take this sound deep into the woods and let some unsuspecting campers think that bigfoot was close to their camp.
Treat 05: Below The flashlight cuts into the darkness that surrounds you. The cave seemed like a fun idea this afternoon but now it is getting late and you think you might have made a wrong turn. The exit has to be here close by but every turn seems to take farther down below.
Treat 06: Hells Gates Treat 07: Purgatory Great for use in a hellish scene or to use for sound in your hell mouth. Or just blast it from your speakers at work to let everyone know how you feel. The standard yells and screams you would expect from tormented souls. The Hells Gates uses more fire.
Treat 08: Lone Wolf I needed some werewolf sounds so I altered a nice little puppy into the Lone Wolf.
Treat 09: The Hound Again, I needed some werewolf sounds so I altered a nice dog into the hell hound.
Treat 11: Zombie Clowns Why just have scary zombies or scary clowns when you can have Zombie Clowns? I tried to imagine what zombie clown might say. There are also a few clown like sound effects at the end of the file.
Treats Number 12 - 16: RULES for use in line at a haunted event. Treat 12: Robot Voice
Treat 13: Silly Voice/ Clowns
Treat 14: Geeves the Butler
Treat 15: The Evil Guy Voice
Treat 16: Egor
Every haunt must have rules and often play them while people wait in line. 5 different voices to help you with your haunt. Cut them up and use the ones you need.
Each theme covers the same basic points:
1. No Smoking or open flames.
2. Actors will not touch you on purpose, please show them the same respect.
3. Do not touch anything or anyone.
4. No alcohol, drug or weapons allowed.
5. Enter at your own risk.
6. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be removed without a refund.
7. All sales are final.
8. No external lights of any kind.
9. Children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision.
10. This event may be too intense for young children.
11. We are not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or personal items.
12. Turn off all cell phones.
13. No photography allowed inside.
14. Warning, this haunt contains fog, strobe lights, and loud noise.
15. If you do not want to be frightened, don’t come in.
16. Threats or harm to our actors could result in criminal prosecution.
17. This event uses surveillance equipment.
18. Have fun but be safe.
Alien World The eerie wind blows on this desolate, sand swept alien planet.
Childhood Nightmares You sit up in bed. The shadows of your dreams lie just out of reach as you fight to figure out how much of the nightmares were dreams and how much are real. Your heart races. Your ears search the darkness. Did something just move at the foot of your bed?
Graveyard Noise with Voices People walking around through the leaves, graves being dug, and other strange noises to help give your graveyard a little "life". This version has random shouts added to catch people's attention.
Graveyard Noise The same as 19 only without voices.
Shocking This is a different version of my High Voltage mix.
I did this for my own yard haunt. I will have a couple of speakers behind some tombstones. For my haunt, I plan to space the comments out to about 3 per minute. With almost 40 different sayings, that will mean that someone can be in the graveyard for over 10 minutes and not hear the same thing twice. This is one big file with brief quiet time between sayings.
the Boiler Room Need some background noise for Freddy's hangout? Do you have a Steam Punk area that could use some non-descript industrial noise? Give this a try.
Full Moon Darkness gives way as a lunar glow is cast down upon the open landscape. You begin to feel the fever as your eyes are drawn upward into the star filled sky. Pain spreads into every part of your very soul. Your body begins to shake as the transformation begins. Your humanity burns away and your only thought is your need to hunt.
Electronic Voice Phenomena Talking with the dead.
Remember those old Halloween LPs you used to get with sound effects and ghost stories? Many of those stories were cheesy, some were silly, and some would send a chill up and down my spine. I loved them all.
This is a tribute to those fun times. Here is a brief little audio story I call EVP. I hope you like it.
Treat #27 and 26 - Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Soundscape - Rural Location
Crime Scene Soundscape - City Location
Draw a chalk outline, toss around some blood, and add one of these sounds for that warm and cozy Murder Scene feel. Background noise, police radios, people coming and going... One theme, two versions.
Experimental Sound #2 - Alien Jungle You listen to the strange sounds of creatures hidden deep in the lush jungle. From the chirps of odd, deadly insects to the distant rumbles of some gigantic monster headed this way, you make your way deep into a world of the unknown.
Experimental Sound #1 - Harmonica This was the first in my Experimental Sound Series. I wanted to take one sound and transform it into something that could be used in a Haunt environment. Experiment # 1 was simply a few notes played on a harmonica. After I killed this sound and ripped its flesh from its bones, I then zapped it with my computer to give it new life.
I could see this odd sound being used in a dark hallway, background noise for a lab or any place else you see fit to use it. Use those dark imaginations.
Z is for Zombie A quiet little zombie story. Another try at making a story only this time, I only use sounds, no words.
Hard to believe it has only been 4 months since the nightmare started. Seems like it has been years. I never thought it could really happen. I never thought it could happen so fast.
I think I have everything I need. I shouldn't have to make any more trips outside for a few months. I like it out here in the woods. Out here, their numbers are manageable. The cities have too many of the things crawling around. Besides, the few people that are left alive are worse than the damn zombies. At least the monsters have an excuse.
Like those cheap ass movie zombies, the creatures are drawn by sound. Good thing is, if you stay quiet for a moment or two, they soon forget what they heard and move on. It's the fresh zombies you have to watch out for. The newbies are fast, strong as hell, and will hunt you for hours. I noticed that the older ones are slowing down. Maybe they will degenerate enough that they will die out after a good winter or at least slow down enough to make moving around safer. Who knows. Just have to wait and see.
The snows will be here soon and that should really slow them down. My last trip in town, I found enough lumber and ammo to make this cabin a fortress. Once I finish getting things secure, then maybe I can actually get some sleep. I miss sleep. Who knows, I might have time to read a book or something. It will be nice to be bored for a change. Oh well. Time to get busy. I have to get the rest of these boards nailed up...

I started to sample and mixing back in the late 1990s. I thought I would share a couple of things from my past.
Boingo the Klown
Imagine feeling your way through the maze of darkness. You know he is in here with you. How can you tell if he is coming when you have all of that noise? ( I sampled everything but the kitchen sink for this odd ball track. It needs a remix some day soon. It was a nice try but it needs something more)

Halloween (AkaShadow mix).mp3
My first remix from oh so long ago... A guy has to start somewhere.

Another try at the classic theme with bits of other Halloween tracks mixed in.

Theme for Kromwell's Graveyard.
My alter ego, Morbius Kromwell, needed a theme song for his imaginary TV show.

Scary Movies (AkaShadow Remix).mp3
Another mix from oh so many years ago. Be kind.

X-files (AkaShadow remix).mp3
I made this well before the first movie. Sunday nights were never the same without you Mulder. You know...I kinda like this one.