The Odon Fires

This well documented case happened in the small community of Odon, Indiana. William Hackler and his family had just finished eating breakfast one morning when the smell of burning wood was noticed. After searching the house for the cause of the odor, it was determined that it was coming from within a wall on the second floor near a bedroom window. The odd thing about this was that no one had been in the spare room that day and the fact that the house had no wires or electricity. The fire department soon came and was able to extinguish the flames before it spread. Almost as soon as the fire team had returned to their station, they were summoned again to return to the Hackler home. Mrs. Hackler had found a fire burning that started inside her feather bed! A total of nine fires were witnessed by the family as well as the fire crew from 8 am until 11 am that morning. Each one as mysterious as the next.

But that wasn't the end of it. A bedspread cought fire with witnesses watching. A fireman found a book on a shelf smoldering. When he opened it, it was burning from within with the cover still in perfect shape. Another mattress caught fire with no one around. Again, from within. A fire fighter resting in the kitchen witnessed a pair of that simply overalls burst into flame as well as a calendar hanging on a wall that burned. All that was left was ashes yet the wall where it hung was untouched. Only the objects that burst into flames were consumed, everything else around them were left unharmed. In all, over 100 firefighters from 2 different communities put out a total of 28 fires that day. The family took what beds they had left and slept out under the night skies. With the help of friends and family, William Hackler tore apart the house, board by board, and used the lumber to help construct a new home down the road. The family never had another incident.

Years later, a chilling thing happened. Sheets' widow was found dead one day. She was laying on her bed and had a telephone receiver clutched in her hand and a look of terror frozen on her face. It took some effort to remove the phone from her grasp. Doctors claimed she had passed away from a stroke and everyone assumed that she was trying to call for help when she had died. After her memorial service, she was to be placed in the mausoleum next to her husband. When the workers entered the tomb, everything was as it should have been. Nothing inside the locked tomb had been disturbed except for one small item... Martin's phone was off the hook.

In 1941, the Hackler Family was featured by Traveler's Insurance in an add in Colliers Magazine. The company wanted everyone to know that they would cover any fire...even paranormal ones.