The Faceless Nun

Terre Haute, Indiana

Saint Mary of the Woods College has it's share of ghostly legends. Two of the lesser known stories are of The Black Bird and The Dark Angel of Guerin Hall, but by far the most famous is the Faceless Nun. It is said that one of the Sisters had a fantastic talent for painting portraits. Her method of painting was to always paint every detail of the portrait, taking her time for days and weeks, and saving the face for the very last. She always insisted that the face was the most important part and required the most attention. It was always the final touch and it was said she would spend countless hours working on every detail of the face of her subject. Once she started on the portrait's face, she would devote her entire time to it until perfection was reached.

The time came when she chose to do a self portrait. Again, she took her time working on every detail but the face. Just before the time arrived for her to begin on the last detail, she fell ill. She was rushed to the infirmary but they could find nothing wrong with her. She mysteriouly died with her portrait unfinished.

Not long after her death began the sightings. Another Sister heard sobbing coming from the room that held the unfinished painting. Curious, the Sister entered the room and saw the back of a nun. She was crying in front of the portrait. When the Sister went up to comfort the sobbing nun, she turned and saw there was nothing but darkness where the woman's face should have been. Sightings persisted time and again from a number of different sources. It has been said that, in order to end the torment of the Sister, a special mass was finally held for the Faceless Nun and the sightings "officially" ended.