Oliver Larch

Those who have seen the movie Jeepers Creepers 2 will easily visualize this next mystery. Matthew Larch and his family sat at home enjoying Christmas Eve of 1889. Along with his family, friends were there to help celebrate the holiday including a minister and his wife from nearby South Bend, an attorney from Chicago, and a circuit judge. More water was needed as everyone enjoyed the foods that had been prepared. Young Oliver was sent out to the pump on the snowy night to fetch some water...a chore he had done many times.

While everyone sang carols and enjoyed the warmth of the fire, a piercing scream came from outside causing everyone to rush out the back door with lamps in hand. Matthew followed his son's clear footprints in the new fallen snow out towards the pump. The tracks stopped half way there. "Help! They've got me!" Everyone could hear the young boy cry in terror, only the sound of the cry came from above. Nothing could be seen in the black sky as everyone listened to the boy's cries of terror. His screams drifted farther away into the night. There were no other footprints anywhere around the farm. A search was made but nothing of the boy was found. A police investigation found no other explanation other than the boy had somehow been abducted into the black skies above. Oliver Larch