Hill House

Bellmore located in Parke County, Indiana.

The Hill House was said to be haunted even before it was built. While under construction, chimney bricks would tumble down at night, workman's tools would vanish during the day only to pop up somewhere else the next day. Once the house was built, the family who had moved in had their clothes fly out a window and wrapped around the branches of near by trees. No one around had a ladder that could reach the clothes and many of the branches couldn't support even a child's weight.

Bill Soey owns a barn built upon the haunted grounds. Even to this day, barn doors open by themselves and wagons will move with no one around.

If you search the dusty corners of some used books stores, you might find a little gem of a book that tells all about this legend. The story begins
"In my great-grandmother’s house in Indiana, shortly after the close of the Civil War, a series of extraordinary events transpired which were never satisfactorily explained. The house was renown for its hospitality and witnesses were not lacking to testify to the strange disturbances that in time became legend.
Those disturbances are recorded in this novel as the subjective experience of the characters, and to that extent the work is founded on fact."

- "Dark Fantastic" by Margaret Echard.