Hell's Gate

Brazil, Indiana and Diamond, Indiana. Rumor has it that there were 7 Gates to Hell located throughout the countryside around the Wabash Valley. When you reach one of these tunnels, legend says to stop and flash either your car lights or a flashlight 3 times. Then travel through the tunnel. Turn around and return to your original side. Then wait in the darkness. Some claim to have seen blood dripping on the walls, some say spirits begin to knock on car windows or the roof of your car. Cries of restless spirits killed on the train tracks above the tunnel can be heard or chants from long lead members of a cult can be heard whispered in the woods. The worst rumor is that, if you see your name begin to glow on the walls, you will die by morning.

Sadly, many of the gates were destroyed when the railroad tracks were removed and many of the old viaducts were eliminated. One of them used to be next to my property several years ago not far from 100 steps.

I have been told that at least one still exists. The directions I was given was to travel North on Hwy 59 out of Brazil. Turn West on County Road 1350. You will go through several stop signs until you reach Rock Run Road. Turn onto it and it will lead you straight to Hell's Gate. If anyone has done this, I would love to hear from you.