Deloris Hart

Terre haute, Indiana

One well documented story comes from the year 1932. In Terre Haute, at the busy intersection of Wabash Ave and 25th Street, there was a fatal auto accident. A small, 3 year old girl by the name of Deloris Hart was in one of the autos. A large part of the poor girl's scalp had been taken off because of flying glass. Her Great-Grandfather was killed in the accident. She was rushed to what was then known as St. Anthony's Hospital but rescuers and doctors gave little hope of her survival. After time, the girl made a miraculous recovery. Her father was delighted with her recovery, but soon everyone became confused when the girl asked where the "nice looking woman" had gone. Deloris spoke of a woman, with black hair and caring brown eyes, that stood by her bed day and night. It was this woman who stayed close by that had encouraged her to not give up and live. Both her family and the staff were confused. No woman fitting that description worked at the hospital or had ever been seen by anyone. Still, Deloris insisted she had been there the entire time.

Deloris' father tried for a long time to find this mystery woman to thank her for the gift of having his little girl back.

It was some time later when Deloris and her father were going through some old photos that Deloris began to point at an old photo and exclaim that "there is the nice woman!" Her father looked at the photo and made sure Deloris wasn't mistaken. The woman who had encouraged her to live turned out to be her grandmother...who had passed away 20 years before the accident.