The Barfing Ghost of Burford Hall

Indiana State University

College and parties are a part of life for some, but in this case it also crosses into death. There are two legends with this one title. One legend tells of the spirit of a young girl said to have died from too much alcohol or from committing suicide in room 217. The ghost is said to be heard vomiting in the bathrooms or throughout the halls of Burford on the campus of Indiana State University. Some claim to hear spectral screams, toilet flushes with no one around, or evil laughs echoing down the empty halls.

A second legend tells of the spirit of an elderly, stern looking woman who was once dean of the building back in the 1940s. "Old Lady Burford" is said to often haunt the new arrivals into the hall and has the power to make a student's life quite unhappy. Is it the sound of living students having fun or the cries of a long dead girl?

No one knows for sure. Many would say that spirits in one form or another can usually be attributed to the cause.

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Burford hall