100 Steps

"One hundred steps is the count, in darkness you shall find. Beware the path from whence you came when your steps count 99"

Carpenter's Cemetery lies just west of 340 and US 40 on CR 675. Locally it is better known as 100 steps. The graveyard has become very popular over the years and because of childish vandals, is often watched by local law officers. You can almost bet that this increases around Halloween. Because this information is posted here does not mean that it is an open invitation.

Legend has it that, on the darkest nights when you can't see your hand in front of you, you can walk up the broken steps of this cemetery and count 100 steps. As you walk down, people are amazed when the steps they count are only 99. It is not an easy thing to do since there are only 60 or so steps there any other time of the day or night. Another popular idea is that it isn't the number of the actual stone stairs but the number of steps you take from the bottom of the hill. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you keep counting and keep walking until you reach 100, then you turn around and try to take the same size steps back to the stairs and on down to the bottom.

Legend says the dark of night must be total and you must not be able to see where you step. Flashlights and bright moon light don't count. Some have been known to use a scarf as a blindfold to get the total darkness. As you can see in the photo, walking up or down this steep hill on these broken, uneven steps could be dangerous even in the light of day. This might not be the best idea. Legend also tells of those trying to take a safer way up and down the hill, walking on the ground beside the steps. Even with a flashlight or moon light, many people report of being knocked down hard to the ground while trying this cheat, some with handprints appearing on their back or chest.

So, the question is, why would anyone try to walk the steps at night? The legend continues that if you are able to navigate the steps in the pitch of darkness and make the magical counts, then that night, before the rise of the sun, the spirit of the original caretaker will somehow make known to you the manner of your death. If you are not careful while going down the steps, it wouldn't take a ghost to tell you how how you might die.

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100 Steps